Say it like the peanut butter

This assignment was to “Make an animated gif from your favorite/least favorite movie capturing the essence of a key scene. Make sure the movement is minimal but essential. ”

My favourite movie ever is Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. Say what you will, but this movie is brilliant to me. I never read the original books, but the humour in this movie is perfectly pitched and actually hilarious. The voice cast is also killer and the animation & character design fit the story perfectly.

So what is a key scene in this movie? I thought a lot about what my favourite part were, but in the end decided that the real key scene has to be the one where Flint first sees food (hamburgers) raining from the sky.

This was my first try:

cloudy with a chance of burgers

Which is fine, but then I though about the directions of the assignment (particularly the minimal movement part) and cut out the beginning, creating this:


Shame you can’t distinguish what exactly the burgers are without that closeup image afterward :\


No Digital Facelifts

I was initially hesitant to take the time to watch these videos. I’m not a person who enjoys watching long movies or lectures (I have narcolepsy, so I tend to fall asleep when not actively engaged for too long), but I thought if I’m going to bother to do the course I may as well try and do it properly!

So I did watch the whole video and listen to the audio as well. Reminds me so much of my time at uni where I did a subject called Creative Technologies, and we talked a LOT about what technology is (for example the idea that time is a technology) as well as being open-endedly speculative about where technology could be taking us in the future.

I thought this talk was really inspiring and I’m happy that I took the time. As a graphic designer, I can really relate to this idea of the “digital facelift”. I have had experience working with businesses that want me to simply make things look nice, and even though this often leads to me questioning certain things about the business or the hierarchy, I am usually told not to worry about it and just do the basic job I am there to do. I find this sort of thing frustrating, as technology does afford us this opportunity to reflect on our structures and ways of thinking, and to ignore it seem like a big waste to me, especially when insights come up organically without even searching for them.

I also thought the idea of the three recursive practices (narrating, curating and sharing) was such a great distillation of these things that the internet both allows for and is created to do. I will definitely keep this in mind in the future while working on web-based projects to help focus my efforts.

This has been the first time in ages that I really got that brain-tingly feeling of sitting in a really good lecture. It feels amazing to hear someone that is so passionate and has a really unique yet obviously well thought out position on the issue.

It makes me excited to be a person who works in some way with technology, although I do still wish I knew how to program properly… :\ Maybe that will be my next challenge!

Daily Create 2

Just thought i’d do another one of these because the last one I didn’t really create specifically (cheating I know!)

What would it look like if your life flashed before you? Draw it.

I had fun with this as I have been trying to free myself up by doing texta sketches recently 🙂